Blinds are chosen for a more traditional look paired with a simple transition from sunshine and light to complete privacy and room darkening. One of the key advantages is that they block UV light to keep things cool and protect your furniture from the sun. They also offer additional insulation. Our designers can come to you for an in-home consultation complete with samples of color choices so that together, you can customize your design.

Wood Blinds

The warmth and timeless beauty of natural wood is a wonderful design element. Our wood blinds come in a selection of stains and in a variety of popular colors, making them an easy addition to any design scheme. wood blinds are the best choice if you plan to raise and lower your blinds often.

Faux-wood Blinds

For those who want the warm look of wood at a more affordable price, faux wood blinds are a convincing choice to create classic style. They are also good for use in areas with more moisture, such as a bathroom or basement. They are bit heavier, so are not as ideal if you plan to raise or lower them regularly.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds create a modern look and are great for sliding doors and large window banks. They are also a popular choice for commercial spaces. Our vertical blinds come in a selection of stylish fabrics for an elegant look or in a variety of PVC colors for a simpler look that is also easier to keep clean.

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